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November 05, 2008


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Amanda (Fav. Cuz)

What a precious little girl! I sure hope that God sends her a miracle!


Such a sweetie! You captured some beautiful shots of her! Praying for her recovery!


You got AWESOME shots of her! I can tell you had a real connection with her in the way her personality just comes through in your photography! I'm going to pray for her now. . . .


Wonderful captures! She is a beautiful girl and I wish her the best.

Becky (finsup)

She looks full of personality--you captured her wonderfully. What great news about her remission!


Heather she is so beautiful and I love every shot you captured of here. That 1st b/w of her is so perfect, I can see her beautiful spirit. The news about remission made me so happy!

Emily Weaver Brown

wow Heather, thank you for doing this. If you feel up to it would you share more about your daughter sometime.

Amy Smith

How sweet! I love her dress and her precious smile.


You have such a big heart to be doing this! And what a brave beautiful little girl!! Followed your link - that is great news!!!


She's such a cutie!


What a generous gift you are offering these families. She is a lovely beautiful little girl and I hope there is a cure around the corner for her. Once my pictures reach a more professional quality I would love to participate in something like this. Thanks for making this aware service to me. ~Jackie


Oh my word Heather...this brings tears to my eyes. These photos so much more than just a girl...they show a survivor, and with you behind the camera, it is so breathtaking.

You have inspired me. I am going to check this out.


These are awesome shots. I am so happy for her good news! I went to her site and she is a little cutie! I am really thinking of doing this. What a great cause!


Oh Heather these are wonderful. And how great that she is considered to be in remission.

Michelle Davies

What wonderful captures of this sweet angel you have caught! And I love that you are surprising the family with the big print. They will be thrilled.


You can tell by these beautiful photographs that she is full of life and happiness! I will add her to my prayer journal. These are awesome captures!!


Wow Heather these are beautiful. She is precious. It surely does put life into a different perpective doesnt it? Maybe one day I will be strong enough emotionally to do this. I pray her brother is a match.


These are the most beautiful shots. You see her spirit shining through. You captured that Heather. What an amazing young lady. Your talent at capturing souls is a true blessing.

April ~ EnchantedDandelions

I have known Taylor and her momma since she was just a wee baby. And you have definitely captured her spirit in these photographs. Very well done, and thank you for doing this!


Oh Heather, you have outdone yourself here. I LOVE the way you have captured the essence and joy of this little girl in such a tangible way. Great work. I absolutely LOVE that last shot...just wonderful.


What a sweet little girl. I love the photos you took of her and what you wrote about her!

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