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January 04, 2009


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They are getting soooo big. I just wanna squeeze N. His smile is so wonderful. Im with them I love the beach.


looks like a blast, i love beach pics


I love these, Heather! My favorite part of the beach was the pictures I brought home. There's nothing like a white sand platform with an ocean backdrop!

Becky (finsup)

Nate sure does enjoy life, doesn't he? I just love that whole-face grin of his. I love how Andrew is so engrossed in his play too.

Tia & Uncle Mo

Oh how we miss them!


Nate's smile is so catching! And LOL at the big black box.


Great captures! Nate's mouth reminds me of someone's.... ;)

Joanne F

Looks like tons of fun!!!

tara pollard pakosta

how beautifuL! andrew is looking so grown uP!


Nate's expression is priceless and love how you captured Andrew while he wasn't looking straight at the camera


He is getting SO big!! Is he walking? I miss those guys!!! Can't wait to see you...emailed you back!! xoxo


Lucky guys - at the beach in the middle of Winter!! Love these especially the little toes! ;)


Wow you capture him so well with your lense. What a happy boy he seems to be. Great shots. ~Jackie


I miss the beach. That's one good thing about the navy though, at least you're never far from the water. What fun!


I was thinking what??? Heather and a beach? Looks like your family had fun, I bet you can't wait to get back to your mountains and snow. TFS Heather.

Michelle Davies

Nate's happy smile just makes me grin every time I see it.


What a sweet boy! The pics are great. Toes are cute :)


NAte ALWAYS makes me smile; his big 1,000 watt grin is just infectious. Love that first shot!


Love your pictures, especially the last one.


Oh my, Nate has gotten so big! I absolutely adore everything about that 3rd shot, it's awesome!


These are amazing Heather, are they with your new camera? And I believe I see part of your adorable haircut above-I need a full shot;)


What a fabulous time.


what amazing beautiful pics


Darling photos Heather! I love how you're able to just get in there and capture the pics you want with your kids! Nate is growing so darned FAST!

Also, thanks so much for your CC. I am so disappointed in the photos I got. You know how when you have something in your mind that you want? These So don't resemble them at ALL. Oh well, they're only pictures ;)


They are both so adorable, but I love Nate's bald little head!


Love the beach! It's always fun to take pictures there, isn't it? I can't believe how big your boys are getting! Just as adorable as can be!


Beautiful Heather! Your boys just make me smile :)


First, I am so jealous that you were at a beach!

Second, the 3rd photo is so wonderful! Great composition!

Kristie Havyer

I am so jealous that you were able to go to the beach. I love my feet in the sand. One of my favorite things in the world


Such fun! I love Nate's smile... it really is infectious!


Super fun pics!! Nate has the SWEETEST smile!! I wish I was at the beach right now.


Very cute! Makes me miss Lake Superior's beaches:)


I really like those last two shots Heather- especially that last one- his smile is so cute!


Nate is all smile!!

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