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March 14, 2009


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Great captures!

We have had our share of broken piggy banks. Now the boys have clear plastic jars with magical lids that count how much they have.


You did great, in the middle of this tragedy, to get fantastic angles, perspectives and DOF. And your processing of these is wonderful!


Plastic piggy banks are the only way to go. Bless A's heart for being so tender. Heather, i really like the POV on that 3rd shot, and the one of both the boys "feeding the piggy" is adorable. Great PP, as usual.


Great perspectives! I love the story, too.


The pictures are truly beautiful! I understand that this was traumatic, mine is attached to his "piggy bank" too (it's lion). Boy, he's rich! :-)


Great shots and cool new piggy. I know what you mean about it being traumatic, my kids are attached to theirs as well.

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