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March 06, 2009


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Awwww - cute cute cute!!


A blanket? Are you sure it's not a bunch of rags dreadlocked ? ;)

Adorable baby!!


He is just a little ball of sunshine isn't he?! LOVE this! And congrats to the froggie winner, how cool!


I LOVE that blanket! And I am soooo thrilled about winning that precious little frogie! Lily will love it! Thank you so much!


Oh my so cute! I love it!


The blanket is cute, but that face---oh, that face just warms my heart!


so cute, glad you like the blanket


So cute! I absolutely love his expression!


Adorable baby and awesome shot with the blanket. It almost, but not quite, makes me want another one!

Becky (finsup)

Haha. It looks like dreadlocks. Are you sure there's not a guy under there?


can you say cuteness!


The blanket is really cool. The baby is perfect in it and so cute.


I love the look on his face. Too cute!


That blanket is adorable and so is that lil baby! Just want to pinch those cheeks!

Joanne F

He's such a beautiful baby! Looks like his brother! Love the blanket too!


Love the blanket and great shto!


That's such a priceless expression! I think this shot would look great with a texture over the wall. :)

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