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March 19, 2009


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Nice. I like the flirty one on top.


Oooo, I didn't know if you were gonna do this job or not. I am glad you did, you did an awsome job!


I just love that first shot. Everything is awesome about it...right down to her hot legs!


Love that first one--the angle of her legs is great. Nice new header, too, Heather.

Kristi in Elphaba?! I SOOOO should have thought of that!! Maybe I'll name my Ga-Linda...with a GUH! ;)


These are AWESOME! Just the right amount of sexy, leaving plenty of room for him to want more! ;) Gorgeous!

And I feel just SO unoriginal... my camera's name is Mark. (not sure why it has to be a GUY though? Maybe I should re-think it, LOL)


The first one is my fave, rockin' shoes! Very sexy without being too overt.


Nice job.

Love that you've named your camera!


I love that first shot too fun!! And, I love the dramatic lighting on the second shot! Perfect for the mood!


These are perfect! Just enough "sexy" without being too provocative! And I LOVE that you named your camera ;).


I love these. The first one is definitely my fave!

Michelle Johnson

I named my car (Dora the Explorer) but I never thought of naming my camera! These are beautiful, as always!


The first shot is great! Very suggestive, but with a flirtatious innocence.


Oh, and ps- I'll definitely fill you in on the next fishy playdate! You are seriously the QUEEN of fishy shots... I wanna be like YOU when I grow up! xoxo

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