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March 11, 2009


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Sorry about blog problems. I think there might be, or at least with my viewing cause I can't see the videos you post. :(


OMG!! How precious! It made me smile for sure.

I bet that lit you right up! :)


OMG.. that was the cutest thing EVER! Thank you so much for the laugh, I really really needed that today! There is just something SO sexy and appealing about a man who gets downright silly with his kids, isn't there? ;-)

I hope you get your blog issues straightened out SOON... is this over switching to wordpress? With the tofurious theme? :(


Oh my WORD! This is just darling. I this it is the most divine thing when men make a fool out of themselves for their kids. Its so precious really...

I am SO sorry about all of your problems. Let me know if I can be any help at all, because I have SO been there and done that with my blog.


that def made me smile! He makes an awesome monkey! Best of luck with your blog!


DD and I watched it together and chuckled the whole time. So fun!


I'd show this to my husband but he'd be so jealous, missing these days! William makes a fantastic monkey! Can't wait to see what creativity you let loose on your new blog format, once you get it sorted out.

Michelle Johnson

I love this video, but I think my favorite part is YOUR giggle from behind the camera!!

Lauren (MichyM)

Awww, he is such a good daddy, and the boys are just eating it up! I hope you get your blog stuff worked out.

Joanne F

That is so awesome!!! Love it!


Too cute! I hope you get your blog figured out soon! :)


That certainly brought a smile to my face. LOVE that deep belly laughter from little ones and its contagious effect on everyone - miss miss miss it. Your husband is an A+ monkey. Thank you so much for sharing.

Jo (Shmo)

OMG how gorgeous!!! William is a fab monkey, and I love how the boys fall over giggling when he starts his monkeying about! Thanks for that, I love your flip Heather!


Oh, I just love that shrieking, happy laughter from your boys. Good daddies are treasures!


Too cute. I posted a couple of videos on facebook yesterday. :)


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