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March 02, 2009


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He is seriously the CUTEST frog I've ever seen!!


OH MY GOSH!!! He is the cutest little guy EVER! Sign me up, and even if I don't win, I seriously want to buy one of these from you now that you've got it figured out! :)


I <3 him! My grandmother was a frog queen! She loved them and collected them until the day she passed! Everytime I see a frog I think of her. My son's vday cards this year were frogs in her honor! e is just about the CUTEST thing I've ever seen! BTW- I am waiting patiently(NOT) fr my package! LOL! I'm hoping today!


PS- did you get my package? I worry about mailing things, LOL!

Jo (Shmo)

I can't believe he's your first attempt...and I can't wait to see his family grow! And I love how Green he is too ;-)

Nieka Apell

Cuteness! And so generous, too. Thanks, Heather.


ABsolutely adorable. We are always on the lookout for frog stuff now..My 9 yr old dd has an obsession w/frogs.She even has a live tadpole right now..


It ain't easy being...this stinkin' cute!! Good job, Heather!


Great job Heather!! Lovin' how this little guy looks!


Oh he is adorable!!! You are way too talented!


Too cute!


OMGawsh! he is adorable. I'd love to have him for Lizzy. She loves stuffed toys right now. I made her a donut but it kind of sucks compaired to this. You rawk Heather.

Jena Photography

Too cute! How long did it take you to make? You are just too crafty and generous. {Hugs}

Audrey Jones

I could totally see myself doing an "elf" thing like this on a daily basis for my kids! Hide it and let them find it! Or taking him random places and photographing him...that would be fun! A frog-a-long!

Joanne F

TOO CUTE!!! My grandma used to collect frogs. This brings back memories... =) Of course we'd love him here and I'd love the pattern/tips even more!


He's beautiful! My DD's name is Lily and DH wants to turn her room into the "Lily Pad" so we are on the search for great little things to add to the room and this would be perrrrfect! You are sooo talented! Will you be selling any of them!?


Oh wow, he is just TOO cute! LOL I love frogs! Sign me up!


Oh my gosh this little guy is so cute!

That video of Andrew cracked me up, Keats loves to repeat words on books too. I really need to load some of my videos. I hope you post a ton more!


he is sooo adorable! I can't believe you just 'whipped' this up! you are so creative and talented with all do!


He's so cute! wow you did a great job!!


Very cute!


Wow I envy your talents... I want to BE YOU when I grow up. LOL. He/She is soooo cute!

My best friend loves frogs so this makes me think of her.


Oh he is just precious. My mom collects frogs so we have tones around but not many compare to that little cutie. god job reading the pattern


Aw, that little dude is right up my alley. I'm sure whoever gets him will love him! :)

And I'm excited about getting our pics done! Once flip flop season is here to stay I'm totally hitting you up! Annnd, if you like my leg wait until you see all my other ones. I'm pretty colorful. ;)


OMG that is too cute!! My 4yo DD LOVES frogs and toads, this would be right up her alley. Thanks for sharing him!


So adorable. I would love to adopt him!


He's so cute! I would love to learn to do stuff like this...maybe someday! :)


He's adorable, you're so crafty! Someone will be fortunate to have him join the family. Although, if froggy joined our family, froggy would be a she! :)


He's adorable; looks like you are off to a great start reading patterns. Yarn crafts can be so addicting; though not quite as bad as photography!


oh my gosh! Heather he is too cute!! you have to teach me how to knit.


Too cute! You're so crafty. :)


I love him and we would absolutely adore having him here! He could be our new family mascot if we win! Great work!!


Adorable frog. Reminds me of Mr. Toad and his wild ride!

emily s.

i love it! who needs owl bags when you can have crocheted lil' froggies? What a cool skill!!! LOVE him!

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