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March 25, 2009


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I like your reasoning. ;)


How cute! I'm loving the Granny Square background, too! =)


I just think this is adorable. Love the background too.


I left some love in the gallery. I love the granny square afghan in the background--very cool!


that hat is adorable, and how cool that he works for penguin! That afghan for a background is ingenious. Love it.


Awww so cute. I need to head out to our childrens place and see if they have a couple cute ones for my niece.


Awwww!!! Too cute!!! You were completely justified in buying them! :)


Love the background...Love the hat. Love it, love it. Oh, and I love the new blog too! I took a peek. he he

Joanne F

Cute Cute Cute! And I love CP!


Wonderful, and I love the way he's looking down just right for you to get the shot!


I love the cute penguin hat! And the connection to your DH's work makes it even more adorable!

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