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November 26, 2008


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Hey Heather
That book looks delicous! Count me in for the giveaway, please!
Have a great Thanksgiving!


Well, what the heck! I could use a new dessert book... :)

debra r

well i am excited i get to be the first to comment..... but i have to say that desserts are my all time favorite.... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Amanda Benton

The book cover looks delicous! Count me in for the giveaway, please!

That is so generous of you!!

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.


Thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely book!


You are the sweetest!


That book looks great. Thanks so much! Happy Thanksgiving!!


Ooooo...Pick Me, Pick Me
You know how much I love to make desserts...if I win it you might get to taste one at christmas :-)


Can't go wrong with a whole BOOK about desserts!!! :-)


So fun, Heather! Your book looks beautiful!


You know I love desserts!! This is very sweet of you. :-)


How awesome! I love dessert cookbooks...


You are so sweet!! Love desserts - a girl can't have too many cookbooks!! :)

Corinna Meissner

Oh definitely count me in too. This is so nice of you to do! Thanks, Heather.

Lori (Momstime)

This way to Yumsville!!!!

Barbie Schwartz

looks yummy! And as someone already stated, you can never have too many cookbooks!


Oooo now you are speaking my language! lol Hubby loves to make deserts, much to my hips dismay! I am sure he could create lots of havoc with that cook book!


Ohhh Dessert should be my middle name!! Fun giveaway! Thanks Heather!


The torte on the cover looks amazing!! So colorful and yummy looking!!


OO that book looks like a winner. I love deserts and i'm being "forced" to learn to cook better too.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Joanne F

YUM! Thanks for being so generous!


You are so thoughtful! Happy Thanksgiving :0)


Ooh!!! Add me to the list! :)


Ooh!!! Add me to the list! :)


Oh, Heather, that cover looks so delicious! Happy Thanksgiving, friend!


Ok, I couldn't not comment cause that cover looks amazing!


I just discovered your blog today, linked from your photography site. You do amazingly beautiful work! Your blog was instantly in my favorites.

I'm becoming a first-time grandmother in six weeks, so I'm working hard to learn how to take newborn photos. Can't wait!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with all of us.


If I win, you have to promise to come over so I can make you some dessert! :) Love you!


This looks like an interesting book.

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