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November 17, 2008


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These are all great! I love that they have their doggie in the shots!


Hey! I recognize this family.

I am looking forward to all the pics. These look great!

Thanks so much for a fun afternoon!


I love the kiss photo the best!


This is not helping with how much I want a puppy! What an adorable family.


That looks like a really fun family. That shoe shot is really cool! Very cool photos!


That is one beautiful photoshoot!!


What a great looking, and close family. I love the pictures of the doggy. They are ADORABLE!

Amy Smith

Cute family! I like the shot of the mom's face where you can just see the dad's chin.


So cute! That dog's sweater is adorable! I love all the fun shots you got of this family. I always am so amazed by your creativity!


Great captures!


What a cool family shoot. I like the different poses.


These are fun Heather!!
Love that wide angle dog shot...and the second to last shot with the mom and dad!!!

Michelle Davies

Nice job on these. I love the little chihuahua!


What a cute family- I love the one of mom/dad, and those girls/dog are so adorable!

donnah Ciempka

I am loving the feet shots - great angle.

I know how you feel about travelling. Once it is in the blood, it is hard to forget. You are always welcome in Beijing.

Joanne F

LOVE these! So fun!


Great shots, I love them all, but my favorites are the sneaker shots and the last two! :)


Hi, Heather. I'm a lurker over at 2Peas, love your photography. On the milling...72 hours is the magic number, after that from what I understand all nutritional value is lost.


Wow, these are AWESOME! I love your style SO MUCH, I wish I could have you shoot my family!

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