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November 21, 2008


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tara pollard pakosta

awww! miss those days when they would just snuggle up on my lap and still FIT both of them in they snuggle up on either side of me in bed, but sometimes they just want to read their own books too . so i miss those days! enjoy them now! LOVe that pic!

Merle Ryytel

Dear Heather!

Just wanted to tell you that you are so right - to see William with those two adorable and handsome young men spending their special time together would definately outbalance anything else :)

I've been helding your family in my heart daily! Take care!!!


(from Estonia)

Joanne F



Yep I can see why that would be a favorite thing. special moment you captured there.


Perfect moment! I love it! Your boys look like they as so intent on the story!


N looks SO serious!

Becky (finsup)

I love it too--I miss those days!


I can see why, such a great moment! I love N's face lol, I want to see what is on that page.


"Silver-white winters that melt into springs..."

I know they wrote THAT part specially for YOU, much as you love winter! ;)

This is such an amazing photo. It's these little things that really make life worth living, huh?


I love their little expressions. I would've loved to be a little mouse in the corner, listening to. I used to love reading books to the little ones! They grow up WAY to face!


Heather, that is too precious. I love the look of concentration on little Nate's face. And what a wonderful little circle of love!


Now that is just heart warming and special! Gotta love those boys of yours, huh! :)



Golden moments! And I love the looks of concentration on their faces.

emily s.

oh how sweet! My little 1-yr old is SO in love with books... Makes my English teacher heart so happy!


Sigh----can't tell you how I love this shot!!! I absolutely adore the look on Nate's face. He is REALLY into it. And I see it is the favorite Llama, Llama!!!

Chelsea Cook

Hi Heather! I love your blog and read your post about sweet Taylor a few days ago. I have emailed Gina and talked with her a bit... I am wanting to post some things on a site online and on my blog. I was wondering if I could like your blog to it so everyone can see the gorgeous pictures of her that you took. Please let me know. My email is Thanks!! Blessings,


WOW...William's hair is getting long!! Why does Nate look so distressed!? Really, though, I just LOVE photos like these :)

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